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Lash Lift Kit Private Label Professional Curling Eyelash Perm kit Suitable for Salon & Home Use

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Private label

Emeda lash lift kit includes complete accessories, it's professional curling eyelash perm kit. We can do private label for them.It's easy to apply and suitable for salon and home use.

Lash Lift Kit Professional Curling Eyelash Perm kit Suitable for Salon & Home Use


What is a lash lift?

Lash lift is a beauty technique that gives lashes a curled appearance, similar to the principle of perming hair. It involves the use of specially formulated perming lotion (which is usually non-irritating to the eyelids and lashes) and rods to roll and fix the curl of the lashes, keeping them in a lifted and curled state for a period of time. This process usually takes about 8-10 minutes, resulting in naturally beautiful and curled lashes.

The effectiveness of eyelash perming varies from person to person, and usually, the denser the lashes are, the better the result. However, using inferior perming lotions can potentially damage the lashes, leading to lash fallout. Therefore, it is crucial to choose professional beauty salons and quality products.

The durability of eyelash perming also depends on individual conditions. Generally, during the first perming session, as the lashes are relatively stiff, it takes some time for them to adapt to the perming lotion, so the effect may last for 2-3 months. As time goes by and the lashes gradually adapt and become softer, the effect of the second perming session may be more long-lasting, lasting approximately 4-5 months.

Overall, eyelash perming is a quick and effective way to achieve curly lashes. However, it is essential to choose suitable salons and products and pay attention to follow-up care to ensure the health and beauty of the lashes.

Introduction of Emeda Lash Lift Kit:

Product name: Lash lift kit

Liquid products: 1 piece Lash lift glue, 1 piece perm lotion, 1 piece fixation lotion, 1 piece nutrition, 1 piece cleanser.

Lift Pads: 5 sizes, 5 pairs

Eye Pad: 5 pairs

Y-Shape Brush: 3 pieces

Cotton Swabs: 15 pieces

Mascra Brush: 5 pieces

Lash Tape: 1 piece

Eyelash Separator: 1 piece

Sample: Provided

Private Label: Supported

Custom Package: Supported

Our lash lift kit has below advantages:

  • High Quality value

  • Long lasting

  • Natural looking

  • Softy

  • Easy to use

  • Detailed manual

  • Complete accessories

With this professionla curling eyelash perm kit, it's suitable for Salon and home use.

Lash Lift Kit Products Function and Private Label


#1 Perm Lotion: Softens lashes for better hold curl Mild formula, effectively prevents eyelashes from being over heated and reduces damage to eyelashes.

#2 Fixation Lotion: Keeps lashes shaped and curled longer. Adding sodium hyaluronate, moisturizing and nourishing eyelashes while opening the hair cuticle.

#3 Nutrition: Adding multiple nutrients to make eyelashes Stronger, nourishing and repairing, awake lash follicles, and conducive to lash growth.

#4 Cleanser: Cleaning dirt,grease,solutions and residue from natural lash.It can also calm and soothe the skin around the eyes.

Lash lift Glue: Fix the Silicone pads and the shape of the eyelashes on the pads. Moderate consistency, drying speed 30-50s slightly film-forming, friendly to novices,easy to operate and clean.

For these products, we can do private label to help you to create your own brand. Our designers can design the label and custom packaging for you. It can save a lot of cost and time for creating your brand design and packaging customization. Welcome to discuss the details with us.

Lash Lift Pads Introduction



In this lash lift kit, it includes 5 sizes, L curl, M2 curl, M1 curl, M curl, S curl. M size fits the most eyes better. Please choose the right lift pads to fit your eye shapes. Different curl shapes and angles, meet all of your demands. It's made of inorganic silicone, odorless, non-irritation. The soft material is suitable for your eyelids.

Advantages of our lift pads:

  • Tender

  • Versatile sizes

  • Natural curve

  • Reusable and easy to clean

  • Gentle on the skin

  • Enhances Lash lift results

Our lift pad upgrade version, glue less on eyelids and self sticky on skin too, void glue irritation. and the lash lift shields work with the glue balm super well.

Lash Lift Eyelash Protection and Application Guidelines


Steps of using lash lift:

1) Apply #4 Cleanser to remove oil, dust, and makeup.

2) Place the under-eye pad on the lower lid.

3) Choose silicon pads size based on lash length.

4) Secure silicone pad ends with tape.

5) Apply lift glue to the pad's frond end.

6) Apply #1 perm lotion, cover with plastic wrap.

7) Remove #1 perm lotion with a Y-shaped brush, and apply #2 fixation lotion.

8) Apply #4 cleanser to clean lashes.

9) Apply #3 nutrition to nourish lashes.

Tips of using lash lift:

  •  Be sure to keep eyelashes neatly separated when applying perm agent and fixing agent.

  • Reapply eyelash glue if lashes fall off the silicone pad when applying perm or fixation.

  • Keep a safe distance of 1mm at the base of your eyelashes when applying #1 perm and #2 fixation.

  • Contact with water after 4 hours, the effect lasts longer.

Lash Lift Become More and More Popular


Lash lift product is more and more popular for the following reasons:

  • Fast Curling Effect: Eyelash curling products can quickly curl the lashes, adding charm to the eyes. This immediate effect is deeply loved by consumers.

  • Long-Lasting Styling: Compared to traditional eyelash curlers, eyelash curling products offer a longer-lasting curl, eliminating the need for frequent curling.

  • Safe Design: Many eyelash curling products feature anti-scald designs, such as heat-resistant materials and temperature control technology, to ensure no burns occur to the eyelids or lashes during use, increasing product safety.

  • Easy Operation: Eyelash curling products are typically small, lightweight, and simple to use. Even beginners can easily master them, providing convenience and ease.

  • Variety of Choices: The market offers a wide range of eyelash curling products, from heated eyelash curlers to USB-charged curlers. Consumers can choose the product that suits them best based on their needs and preferences.

  • Portable: Due to their small size, eyelash curling products are easy to carry. Whether commuting to work or traveling, consumers can maintain their beautiful makeup anytime, anywhere.

  • Time-Saving: For busy modern individuals, being able to complete their makeup quickly is essential. Eyelash curling products help consumers achieve perfect lashes in a short time, saving valuable time.

  • Driven by Fashion Trends: Changing fashion trends have made curled lashes an essential element in many makeup looks. As a tool to achieve this effect, eyelash curling products have gained popularity and are highly sought after by consumers.

In summary, eyelash curling products are popular due to their fast curling effect, long-lasting styling, safe design, easy operation, variety of choices, portability, time-saving benefits, and fashion trend influence.

The following are the main groups who favor lash lift products:

  1. Professional Women: Professional women often prioritize quick and convenient makeup routines to save time. Eyelash curling products, which can quickly curl lashes, adding charm to the eyes, are highly popular among them.

  2. Fashion Enthusiasts: For those who follow fashion trends, curled lashes are an essential part of their makeup. Eyelash curling products cater to their need for a styled lash look, helping them achieve a fashionable and alluring eye makeup.

  3. Younger Demographics: Younger individuals are often curious about new trends and seek to express their individuality. Eyelash curling products, as innovative beauty tools, allow them to quickly create unique lash styles, aligning with their quest for personalization and fashion.

  4. Beginner Makeup Users: For those new to makeup, eyelash curling products offer a simple and straightforward way to master the art of curling lashes, enhancing their overall makeup look.

  5. Special Occasion Seekers: On special occasions like weddings, parties, or important meetings, people often want their makeup to be perfect. Eyelash curling products help them achieve long-lasting and curled lashes, adding confidence and charm.

  6. Eye Care Conscious Consumers: Some eyelash curling products offer additional benefits like lash nourishment and care. Consumers who prioritize eye care often prefer these products to maintain the health and beauty of their lashes.

In conclusion, eyelash curling products are primarily favored by professional women, fashion enthusiasts, younger demographics, beginner makeup users, special occasion seekers, and eye care-conscious consumers. These groups, with their varying needs and preferences, find suitable options among eyelash curling products

DIY Lash Extension Kit Suitable for Lash Beginner Home Use


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