Emeda lashes
We are an eyelash vendors china,private label lashes and wholesale 25mm mink lashes for USA,UK.Emeda lashes is a professional lash manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelash, eyelash extensions and 3D lashes in China since 2002.

Top 11 lash vendors in China

After a long period of tracking and research, we recommend these 11 top eyelash vendors to everyone. Finding and screening eyelash manufacturers is a very complicated process. We put together these 11 lash vendors websites, hoping to help you.

eyelash-factory.jpg1.Emeda eyelash vendor

We are a leading manufacturer of Eyelash Extensions, easy fan lashes, premade fan lashes, strip lashes and eyelash tools in QingDao, China.Emeda Eyelash main products are eyelash extensions, easy fan lashes , premade fan lashes , strip lashes and related eyelash tools. The raw materials mainly include silk protein, Korea PBT and real mink hairs. Our eyelash extensions are exported to all over the world. 

Emeda lashes is Eyelash extension supplier and manufacturer in China

Emeda Eyelash main products are eyelash extensions, easy fan lashes , premade fan lashes , strip lashes and related eyelash tools. The raw materials mainly include silk protein, Korea PBT and real mink hairs. Our eyelash extensions are exported to all over the world. The exports of our eyelash products reached USD 100 million in 2021

2.OBEYA beauty lash vendor

Qingdao Obeya Beauty is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of eyelash extensions, eyelash extension glues, 3D mink eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging Box products in Qingdao China. We also produce human hair eyelash, mink hair eyelash, animal fur eyelash, paper eyelash feather eyelash and Japanese and South Korean fibrin thread eyelash. We can also wholesale and customize lashes based on your samples.

OBEYA real mink lashes use premiuim Siberian mink which soft and have natuaral look which are luxury. OBEYA faux mink lash or silk lashes are syntheic lashes which suite for customers who like vegan lash, soft and light weight. You can select some lashes styles you like, we start from sample order, later after you confirm the lash styles, we do bulk order.

3.Luxurymink Eyelash vendor

Qingdao Worldbeauty® Lashes is one of the leaders in fashion industry. We have designed over five hundred types of fashion eyelashes. As one of the biggest and most professional eyelashes extension manufacturers in China, our factory aim is to manufacture the best quality products and offer the best private label oem&odm service. Our designers can design the style according to customers' needs and different fashion trends.

With more than 10 years' manufacturing experiences, we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, USA, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc. We can supply the high-quality lashes with lowest prices to wholesalers around the world. As to the styles, we mainly supply mink eyelash extension real mink fur eyelash extension,3d eyelash extensions,luxury mink fur eyelashes, 3d mink fur eyelashes , Horse hair lashes, fox fur eyelashes, human hair eyelashes ,handmade false eyelashes,and individual eyelashes like flare eyelashes, Y-lashes and W-lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own private logo and brand name. We also can duplicate the lashes based on your samples. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our lash products.


Arixlash is an eyelash enterprise that constantly pursues innovation, constantly develops new products, and constantly pursues self-improvement. In the past 10 years, we have produced high-quality eyelash products according to our strict production management, and tried our best to provide professional service to every customer.

Arixlash is an eyelash extension manufacturer.The main eyelash products of arixlash are: Volume Eyelash Extension, Classic Eyelash Extension,Flat Eyelash Extension,Pre-made Fan Eyelash Extension, YY / V Eyelash Extension, Easy Fan Eyelash Extension,Strip Eyelashes,3D-5D-8D faux mink lashes, Cluster Individual Lashes and Accessories atc.

5.Elour Lash vendor

Leading and professional eyelash and eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier in China

We have been manufacturing on various kinds of eyelash extensions,premade fans lash extensions,strip lashes,and lash tools for more than 17years.Our factory covers the area of 2,000 square meters,we have more than 20 technicians, 10 developers,and manufacturing workers more than 120,and supply for more than 3000 brands all over the world.We are one of the biggest and most professional eyelash extensions manufacturer in China.We aim to manufacture the best quality lash products and provide best private label,OEM & ODM service.

6.She eyelash vendor

Wholesale eyelash extension manufacturer and  vendor

We are an eyelash vendor from China. Our wholesale eyelash extensions travel all over the time. My eyelashes prices are ex-factory, wholesale prices. Welcome to wholesale eyelashes.

3D Mink Lashes factory,wholesale Faux Mink lashes manufacurers,3D Silk lashes vendor

We are wholesale mink lashes and packaging factory, Together with us, Start own lashes business.

7.Meidear eyelash vendor

Wholesale Mink eyelashes manufacturers,  False eyelash vendor, China Eyelash extensions factory

we are a eyelash vendor and wholesaler,supply lashes worldwide, profesional manufacturer and supplier of Mink eyelashes,  False eyelashes and Eyelash extensions .

8.Imi eyelash vendor

Wholesale Eyelash extensions vendors, mink lashes manufacturers,China false lashes suppliers

IMI Lashes is one of the most professional eyelash extensions, prefabricated fan,volume lash extensions ,mink lashes manufacture and vendor in China.

9.Eyelash vendor

We are also one of the largest eyelash vendor in China. Hlashes is an online store for eyelashes. Wholesale Eyelash Extensions, Premade Volume Fans, Easy Fans,

Strip Eyelashes and Eyelash Tools and more. If you are just starting your eyelash business, wholesale eyelashes from here is a good option.

Biggest eyelash manufacturer and wholesaler in China , is a whoelsale store on line. All Eyelash Extensions wholesale with factory price. If you are an eyelash company and plan to customize private label eyelashes, get free samples. Please contact customer service!

Qingdao obeya lashes Co.,Ltd- Mink effect 3D Vegan Faux Mink eyelashes Korean Silk lashes manufacturer over ten years.Professional Private Label Eyelash Extensions Wholesaler ,3D cruelty-free Mink eyelashes vendors ,Eyelash lift suppliers

10.Obeya lashes vendor

We are professional manufacturer and vendor of different kinds of private label lashes: eyelash extensions, russian lashes, mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools since 2002

Mink Eyelashes Wholesale | False Eyelashes | Eyelash vendor

We offers Custom or Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Wholesale | False Eyelashes|Eyelash Manufacturer |Eyelash Extensions at ...

 11.Eyelash vendor

Eyelash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes manufacturers from china privat label lashes factory

We are professional eyelash manufacturer and vendor of different kinds of private label lashes: Mink lashes,eyelash extensions, russian lashes, 5d mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools.

We specialize in manufacturing good quality but cheap eyelash extensions, cheap mink eyelashes, cheap 3D mink faux eyelashes, such as 5D mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, private label lashes, OEM mink lashes,  Blooming Volume Eyelash and YY eyelashes, and other 100% real mink hair eyelash products, etc. Most of our products are exported to USA, EU, Africa and Australia. As a professional and reliable mink eyelash vendor  and eyelash manufacturer, we have won lots of high reputation from our customers in the past 18 years.  

"Top Quality and Best Service" is our obligation, contact us about your needs, in here you can buy high quality mink hair products for sale at competitive prices. We sincerely welcome more and more friends all around the world to contact us for enquiries and hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you in the future...

  • Address : Room 706, Building A, Suning Square, No.28 Jingkou Road, Qingdao, China 266071
  • Phone : +86-135 7380 4926
  • WhatsApp : +86-135 7380 4926
  • Email : sales@obeyabeauty.com


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