Emeda lashes
We are an eyelash vendors china,private label lashes and wholesale 25mm mink lashes for USA,UK.Emeda lashes is a professional lash manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelash, eyelash extensions and 3D lashes in China since 2002.

Top 10 eyelash wholesale distributors china



If you want to start your own fake eyelash brand business, then you must understand the top ten false eyelash supplier websites.


Private Label Lashes and eyelash wholesale distributors

3D Mink Lashes factory,eyelash wholesale distributors china,3D Silk lashes suppliers

We are private label mink lashes and eyelash wholesale distributors, Together with us, Start own lashes business.

2. https://www.meideareyelash.com/

Meidear mink eyelash wholesale distributors china

Wholesale Mink eyelashes manufacturers, eyelash wholesale distributors , China Eyelash extensions factory

we are a eyelash factory and wholesaler,supply lashes worldwide,profesional manufacturer and supplier of Mink eyelashes, eyelash wholesale distributors and Eyelash extensions .

3. https://www.emedaeyelash.com/

Emeda eyelash is eyelash wholesale distributors china

Eyelash Extension supplies, wholesale mink eyelashes, China false eyelashes manufacturers

We are eyelash wholesale distributors worldwide from china.Emeda eyelash is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Eyelash Extension, mink eyelashes,false eyelashes and fake eyelashes in China since 2002.We produce such as individual eyelashes,3D lashes,human hair eyelashes etc.

4. https://www.obeyalashes.com/

obeya eyelash wholesale distributors china

Silk eyelash extensions manufacturer,Mink eyelash extensions supplier

Eyelash Extensions Factory is one of leading wholesale eyelash extensions manufacturers and best silk/mink eyelash extensions wholesale suppliers in China.

5. https://www.elourlashes.com/

Elour eyelash wholesale distributors china

Wholesale 3D lashes manufacturers, mink eyelashes suppliers, China lash extensions factory

We are an eyelash factory and eyelash wholesale distributors china,leading supplier and manufacturer of mink eyelashes,eyelash extensions,false eyelashes products,etc,in China.

6. https://www.skyeyelash.com/

Qingdao Sky eyelash wholesale distributors china

Mink Eyelash Wholesale|Eyelash wholesale distributors china|Eyelash Manufacturer

We offers Custom or Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ,Wholesale False Eyelashes|wholesale Eyelash Manufacturer|wholesale Eyelash Extensions at china.

7. https://sheeyelash.com/

She eyelash wholesale distributors china

Wholesale Eyelash extension manufacturers, Mink lashes suppliers, eyelash wholesale distributors china, We are wholesale Eyelash extension vednor, own a lashes factory.R&D and production of various styles of mink eyelashes, eyelash extensions false lashes in Qingdao, China.

8. https://www.imilashes.com/

Imi eyelash wholesale distributors china

Wholesale Eyelash extensions vendors,mink lashes manufacturers,China false lashes suppliers,IMI Lashes is one of the most professional eyelash extensions, volume lash extensions ,mink lashes manufacture and vendor in China.

9. https://www.hlashes.com/

Obeya lashes-Biggest eyelash wholesale distributors china

Qingdao obeya lashes Co.,Ltd- Mink effect 3D Vegan Faux Mink eyelashes Korean Silk lashes manufacturer over ten years.Professional Private Label Eyelash Extensions Wholesaler ,3D cruelty-free Mink eyelashes supplies ,Eyelash lift suppliers

10. https://www.obeyabeauty.com/

Qingdao Obeya beauty Products are eyelash wholesale distributors china

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Supplier, 100% Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

We offer the highest quality Mink eyelashes in the industry, all of our eyelashes are with 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade to exact specifications. And we have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelashes, private label and private packaging for you.

The above 10 eyelash websites are the most professional eyelash distributors in China. Some of them have their own eyelash factories, and some are professional eyelash distributors. Welcome to purchase eyelashes.

  • Address : Room 706, Building A, Suning Square, No.28 Jingkou Road, Qingdao, China 266071
  • Phone : +86-135 7380 4926
  • WhatsApp : +86-135 7380 4926
  • Email : sales@obeyabeauty.com


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