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We are professional eyelash vendors and manufacturer. Emeda lashes supply OEM and private label lashes: mink lashes, eyelash extensions, 25mm lashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelash Tools since 2002

The Best Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes vendors 2021

2021 is coming, so how to find 25 mm mink lashes vendors in the new year? A good eyelash supplier can help your eyelash business get better and better. Eyelash business price is not the only factor to consider, the choice of suppliers to consider.

The Best Wholesale 25mm Mink Strip Lashes vendors 2021


1. The introduction 25mm Mink Lashes vendors

Qingdao Emeda lashes Products is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of individual eyelash extensions, eyelash extension tools, 3D mink eyelashes,5D 25mm mink strip lashes and Eyelash Packaging Box products in Qingdao China. We also produce human hair eyelash, mink hair eyelash, animal fur eyelash, paper eyelash feather eyelash and Japanese and South Korean fibrin thread eyelash. We can also wholesale and customize lashes based on your sample.

We have own 25mm Mink Lashes vendors factory, so the quantity supply is stable. We took part in eyelash exhibition during 2015 and 2019, we recognize many new customers in eyelash exhibition, and these customers have become our return customers. 

Eyelash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes manufacturer Producing Handmade Eyelashes Products

Emeda lashes is one of leading wholesale 25mm mink eyelash  vendor & manufacturer and best private label eyelash,,private label 3D mink eyelash supplier in China.

We specialize in manufacturing good quality but cheap eyelash extensions, cheap mink eyelashes, cheap 3D mink faux eyelashes, such as 5D mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, private label lashes, OEM mink lashes,  Blooming Volume Eyelash and YY eyelashes, and other 100% real mink hair eyelash products, etc. Most of our products are exported to USA, EU, Africa and Australia. As a professional and reliable mink eyelash vendor  and eyelash manufacturer, we have won lots of high reputation from our customers in the past 18 years.  

"Top Quality and Best Service" is our obligation, contact us about your needs, in here you can buy high quality mink hair products for sale at competitive prices. We sincerely welcome more and more friends all around the world to contact us for enquiries and hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you in the future...

Emeda Eyelash is a reliable mink eyelash vendor. Provide high-end, healthy and stylish eyelashes for customers around the world. In addition, we keep developing fashion-style eyelashes, rich eyelash packaging styles and a variety of eyelash tools to meet the customer's personal customization needs. With a professional design team, we always lead the eyelashes with fashion trends. Our experienced workers ensure the quality and timely delivery of eyelashes.

If you are looking for eyelash manufacturer or 25mm mink lash vendors to start your lashes bussiness wtih your own brand, then Emeda Mink Eyelash Vendors is what you are looking for.

Mink lashes box3.jpg

Mink lashes box 4.jpg

2. We are the best 25mm mink eyelash vendors

(1) We specialize in 25mm mink lashes, 3D mink lashes and regular mink lashes. In addition, we also provide custom eyelash package with private label, mink eyelash glues, mink eyelash tweezers and mink lash brushes. 

(2) Emeda lashes are high quality eyelash vendors and wholesale 25mm mink lashes. Obeya lash vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D mink eyelashes and 25mm mink lashes entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service. 

(3) We now that have more than 200 different eyelash packages to choose from. And we have a professional designer who can help you design your eyelash box after you confirm the order.

(4)Designing your own brand logo is the most important thing in an eyelash business. It can better help you realize your brushes dream of eyelash business. We have professional designers who can do free design for you.

25mm lashes.jpg

3. The advantages of Emeda 25mm mink eyelashes vendors

(1)  Our natural mink eyelashes are handmade, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency and perfection of the 3d eyelashes, one of our workers can only do 10 pairs of mink fur eyelashes a day, and the number of eyelashes we make is limited, so It can guarantee that the quality of our 3d mink lashes is no problem.

(2) We use the longest hairs on the tail of the mink, the peaks are very long, there are no cuts, no hair follicles and hair tips, it will not can not look unnatural. Our mane is Cruelty free and is mainly collected during the hair removal of the mink.

(3) The suppliers of general are chemically treated with a certain amount of chemical material for the shaping process. If you think about it carefully, you will find  some chemical taste for the eyelashes you purchased. And our use of eyelashes is in contact with the skin every day, the skin and chemical potions end up. You should know what will happens, which is very scary.

(4) Our warehouse with replenish the inventory in time, our professional distribution staff, after the order information is placed, we can complete the distribution within 12 hours. 

(5) We have signed a contract with a courier company and come to the warehouse. 

(6) Our mink lashes are made of 100% mink fur handcraft and our mink lash style is fashion, wearing is comfortable.Our mink lashes in bulk have cheap prices. 

We always update new style and all mink is handmade, the quality is so best. Also do not worry about our stock is not enough, because we have our own eyelash factory. 


4. The process of receving orders

(1) Customers send enquiries to Sales

(2) Sales answer customers as soon as possible, quote and confirm the name of products, size, quantities and delivery time,etc.

(3) Sales send the formal order to customers through negotiation. 

(4) Make a manufacturing order and arrange for manufacturing.

(5) Let the inspector check the goods before  deliver goods in one week. 

(6) if there are no any problems for goods, sales give the delivery personnel the address/tel number/name and let delivery personnal deliver goods

(7) After delivering goods sucessfully, the delivery personnal will give sales a tracking number, then sales give customers this tracking number and tell customers what express company they use and how many days to receive goods. 

good feedback.png

5. Emeda 25mm mink eyelashes vendors get Good feedback from others

We will achieve 90% product experience satisfaction, we will sell the products to the market, we are very much looking forward to giving us a lot of feedback. Then listen to the customers feedback, and then further revision, so that after a total of two years of hard work, we have done the best, we can say that we succeeded.

Tips:  How to make your mink lash business bigger? 

In fact, for an individual purchaser, it is not difficult to buy a mink eyelash. The most difficult thing is how can you buy high-quality mink eyelashes that are really suitable for you, which is very important for your eyes and body and mind.

For a person who sells mink strip eyelashes, it is not difficult to wholesale mink lashes. The hard part is how can you find a quality 25mm mink eyelashes vendors and provide you with high quality eyelashes. This is very important if you always wholesale some cheap. The price, poor quality mink eyelashes, your sales work may be simple, but your after-sales will be very difficult to do, you will encounter a lot of returns, you will lose a lot of customers, you will be your eyelash business Losing confidence, please remember that if you are always doing new business with eyelash business, you will never succeed without old customers!

Why do some lash business get bigger and bigger? 

 Because you chose the wrong 3D mink lashes at first, which will lead to more efforts, the eyelashes are originally a brand-like product. Customers have customized own logo packaging, but the quality of the products is not good. Even if you have more customer groups, the quality of false eyelash products is not good, your customer base is more, once you buy it, you won’t buy it again, and you won’t recommend it to others.

Why choose Emeda 25mm mink eyelashes vendors?

Eyelashes are a very small item, but it can make a big difference. But But are strip lashes worth it?If you have been researching false eyelashes, buying false eyelashes or planning to start an eyelash business, then you may come across several types of false eyelashes. Eyelash extension, 25mm mink eyelashes, faux mink lash, silk lash and so on. If you are not a lash technician or use eyelashes in a beauty salon, strip lash will become your important choice. Vendorseyelash is our new official website. We will focus on introducing products and knowledge related to strip lash, eyelash glue, tweezers, eyelash packing box and so on. Of course, as an eyelash factory, we will still share products and knowledge about eyelash extension for you to choose from.

1.Customize logo and package

2.We can offer FREE samples for your test

3.3-5 days delivery time

4.Strict quality inspection systerm

In the spirit of profession, unity, diligence, truth-seeking, innovation and win-win, the company puts customers first, quality first, and service first. 

We have won the trust of customers with professional and reliable products, and have withstood market tests with excellent performance. Our products are sold at home and abroad.

We focus on the manufacturing, development and sales of strip lash and eyelash extension. We provide you with quality products and satisfactory services. 

Please feel free to contact Emeda 25mm mink eyelashes vendors. Thank you very much!

  • Address : Room 706, Building A, Suning Square, No.28 Jingkou Road, Qingdao, China 266071
  • Phone : +86-135 7380 4926
  • WhatsApp : +86-135 7380 4926
  • Email : minklash@emedaeyelash.com


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