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We are an eyelash vendors china,private label lashes and wholesale 25mm mink lashes for USA,UK.Emeda lashes is a professional lash manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelash, eyelash extensions and 3D lashes in China since 2002.
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Private Label premade volume fans large stock wk

Emeda or your own brand
Korean PBT
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US,UK,Europe,Australia,France and so on
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Private label
Private label

our Promade fans are handmade from the highest quality PBT material. Made of the softest & darkest material and with a tiny base, our PROMADES are a proven product and used by experienced eyelash technicians across the world. We strive for the highest of quality control standards: from sourcing the raw material, to manufacturing, to evaluating the final stage of the products. Because of this, our Promades are far better than other machine made premades.

We have a lot of premade volume fans

All of our promade fan bases are slim for easy application and do not have a lot of adhesive, comfortable for wear. Come to get natural, hybrid sets, and wispy sets with a very dramatic look.

EMEDA premade fans are made of high quality material,grinding the bottom,matte,easier to eyelash extensions, with natural look and feel, applies to natural lashes.And EMEDA premade fans can save both customers and lash artist time.

Premade volume eyelash extensions are great for creating natural looking. 

Suitable for Salon and professional Lash Artist.

We do premade fans wholesale, you have enough material stock for the hot premade fans sizes.


premade volume fans can save your grafting time

Premade fans eyelash extension is the best selling in 2022.

The size is 0.07 0.05 0.1mm thickness; C D curl and 8-15mm length for customers to choose. Customers can choose 2D-20D fans they like, there is no any skills to make fans for customers.

We can help customers make logo and private package, price only once. 

premade volume fans can save your grafting ,timesuitable for a lash beginner. 


Characteristics of  premade volume fans

the fans attacted in the bottom of tape strip,customers can directly pick up and apply,no need to make fans

 and so residue glue,premad fans are made of korea PBT fiber ,soft and lightweight like your own lashes,zero load 

to eyes,it is suitable for the customer with sparse eyelashes

premade fans that attach in the bottom are divided into long steam and short steam.

premade of eyelash extensions are easily removable from the tape strip,and the paper cards are also easily picked up from the eyelash box. the time of applying premade fans eyelash extensions saves 1/2 time than using classic lashes.


We are the source factory of eyelashes

We are the source manufacturer of eyelashes. Our own factory, our own production line and advanced technology. The workers on the production line will carefully and carefully complete the production of eyelashes every day. In addition to a large number of eyelashes, we also have many other kinds of eyelashes. All kinds of eyelashes can be selected for you, and we have prepared free samples for you,Come and contact us.

Private customization has many advantages. You can have your own brand, logo and unique packaging


Private customization process: please send us an inquiry, tell us your requirements for brand and packaging, and we will design it as soon as possible for you to confirm


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Name: truda        time:2022-08-02 13:28:16
I have been buying your eyelashes in large quantities. The workmanship is very good, and my customers also like it

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Private Label premade volume fans large stock    wk
Private Label premade volume fans large stock wk

our Promade fans are handmade from the highest quality PBT material. Made of the...

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Private label OEM premade volume fans lashes   wk
Private label OEM premade volume fans lashes wk

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