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New technology of matte colored flat eyelash

Korean PBT fibr
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matte colored flat eyelash
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Matte eyelashes are more like real eyelashes than shiny eyelashes. This matte colored flat eyelashes are processed by a special process. Remove the center of each eyelash. It can achieve the effect of lighter, softer and more fitting eyelashes.

Top quality colored flat eyelash extension

New technology of matte colored flat eyelash

The main products are mink eyelashes, 3D eyelashes, handmade eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, extension

 eyelashes. Our products are fully handmade with natural looking and soft feeling.


About matte colored flat eyelash material

The main material used for all matte colored flat eyelash is Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

The PBT fiber material imported from Korea is used, which is softer than most false eyelashes made 

of chemical fiber on the market.This kind of matte colored flat eyelash is not allergic at all, 

does not use animal hair, and is completely acceptable for vegetarians.


About matte colored flat eyelash model

There are seventeen colors of our matte colored flat eyelashes. Each color can have different curvature

 and length. 

The diameter of the matte colored flat eyelashes is only 0.15mm, which is very thin eyelashes, 

which makes it lighter and softer.


About matte colored flat eyelash Special Process

A special process is used to remove the center of each eyelash, so that its cross-section changes from 

a cylindrical shape to a flat surface.

The unique shape makes the matte colored flat eyelash more conformable to the real eyelashes.

 Because the center is removed, the eyelashes are also lighter. Add natural volume to your lashes 

without weighing down your lids using natural volume fake lashes that feel as light as feathers.


About  flat eyelash EllIPSE SHAPE

EllIPSE SHAPE let it HALF LIGHTER than the regular eyelash extension

that made it more comfortable and long-lasting.Have a much thicker look without adding weight.

SPLIT TIP made a VOLUMINOUS lash look from base-to-tip, even with Single-Layer applications.


About us

New styles will be created as per lastest market demand and so far more than 200 styles are under production,

which styles are made to different markets and customers every season.

We are committed to strict quality control and considerate customer service.


100% Saisfactory Service

We are 100% confident you will be satisfied with our product but should you still wish to change or return the 

product our company is glad to inform you that we provide 100% refund policy. so scroll down and look at our 

lashes, talk to our service providers and place your order you won't be disappointed.

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Name: Erica        time:2022-01-05 10:43:42
Really love these lashes.

Name: Raisa D.        time:2021-11-11 14:25:37
Great pop of color. Lots fullness. Love these matte colored flat eyelashes!

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