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We are an eyelash vendors china,private label lashes and wholesale 25mm mink lashes for USA,UK.Emeda lashes is a professional lash manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelash, eyelash extensions and 3D lashes in China since 2002.

How to start your own eyelash brand?

There are many benefits to starting your own eyelash brand. If you plan to do eyelash business for a long time, you must create your own eyelash brand. So how to start your own eyelash brand? This is not difficult. Today we will discuss how to start our own eyelash brand.

Start your own eyelash brand is not hart.


1,First find a professional eyelash manufacturer to cooperate.

Professional eyelash manufacturers have many advantages, providing professional high-quality mink eyelash to many eyelash brands and eyelash distributors around the world. Know the latest fashion eyelash style, supply the latest eyelash, have a certain amount of mink lashes inventory.

If you plan to OEM eyelashes or personal label lashes, you have rich experience and good suggestions.

Because of the huge delivery volume, we can get a lower price from the logistics company in terms of transportation cost. At the same time, in the process of eyelash transportation, it ensures the safest and most efficient way. It can avoid the risk of eyelash transportation.

Whether you look for mink eyelash vendors, 3D mink lashes vendors or 25mm mink lashes vendors, they are all eyelash vendors. Any eyelash manufacturer can make all kinds of eyelashes. However, the more large-scale eyelash suppliers, the quality and price of eyelashes are relatively guaranteed. Therefore EMEDA eyelash vendor is a good choice.

2,Start your own eyelash brand need Choose eyelash category

Main categories of eyelashes: strip lash and Eyelash Extensions. If you distinguish eyelashes according to their materials, there are too many: mink eyelashes, paper eyelashes, feather eyelashes, horse lashes, chemical fiber eyelashes wait.

Choosing eyelash category is to create value as soon as possible. Strip lash is a good choice. It contains mink eyelash, 3D mink lashes, 5D mink eyelash, 25mm mink lashes and so on. You can choose eyelash style according to your preference. Eyelash suppliers generally have their own best-selling eyelash styles and display boards. There will be no more narration here, just communicate with eyelash sales personnel.

 3,Start your own eyelash brand need Choose eyelash packaging

Whether the eyelash packing is beautiful or not will affect the positioning and sales of your eyelash brand to a certain extent. Many companies eyelash box packaging has a minimum order quantity, our minimum order quantity is 30, in the field of eyelash packaging, this is the minimum order quantity. We have too many eyelash packages for you to choose from. Please contact us.

Eyelash sample

Choose eyelash style, eyelash packing box, pay deposit can start processing production. In the process, we will provide eyelash samples. The sample is the same as the final eyelash product. There is no quality problem in the eyelash sample, and there is no problem in the final eyelash product you get.

You can choose your own brand of eyelashes.

4,Start your own eyelash brand need eyelash quality

You choose a mink eyelash manufacturer because mink eyelashes are made of mink hair. Mink hair is usually extracted from tail hair and some hair that naturally falls off the back. The color of mink eyelashes is real, and the material is 100% real mink hair.

In order to produce complete mink eyelashes, eyelashers carefully select naturally falling mink hairs of 25-35mm.

This is where the popular 25mm mink eyelashes come from. Do you understand?

5,Start your own eyelash brand need how to wear mink eyelashes

1, After purchasing eyelashes from eyelash manufacturers, first compare their Eyeliner length and trim extra eyelash lines.

2, evenly and gently smear the Eemda professional eyelash glue on the eyelash on the eyeliner surface. Take a break and let the glue dry.

3. Use eyelash tweezers to clip the root of eyelashes to make the eyelash eyelids fit your eyelids. Very well, when you are wearing eyeliner, adjust the position around you, which is suitable for your wearing requirements.

4, if there is still demand, you can apply mascara properly or apply some Eyeliner properly.

Have you learned?

6,Start your own eyelash brand need delivery guarantee of mink eyelashes

We have more than 200 workers,which is the guarantee of fast delivery.Moreover,some the best seller are prepared in our stock.

We can assure the quantities according to customers'styles.Usually other suppliers do not have stocks,because they do not have confidence in own products because of poor quality.If nobody buys stocks,it will be astoblished.Therefore,no stock is a good way to judge if he is a good supplier.

7,Start your own eyelash brand need Continuously update eyelash styles in EMEDA

We have many designers and a professional designing team. They ceaselessly study fashion tendency and look for inspiration to manufacture the most popular mink eyelash,which give us the most advantage to compete.We can catch the market and win more profit and value for customers.

8,Start your own eyelash brand need the quality assurance of mink eyelashes

Our mink eyelashes are equipped with strict reviews,customers can watch the videos.Please customers do not worry, we can do eyelash business for a long term.Cheap mink eyelashes are imported semi-manufactures from Korea in the market.This material quality is not seriously checked,so the products are with a disability. Welcome to our factory and you will see the process of manufacturing products.

9、Start your own eyelash brand need customized private label lashes

We can customize eyelashes according to customers'requirements.If you have any ideas or inspirations,you can tell us. Our designing team can design eyelashes for you.Our biggest advantage is that we are very willing to help you keep leading in the eyelash market.

10,Start your own eyelash brand need know difference between silk eyelashes and mink eyelashes

Mink fur as row materials of eyelashes appear in 2011,most of market is artificial silk eyelashes at that time,which is what we call oridinary eyelashes.But this artificial eyelash have no hair peak,the texture is not soft and some poor silk eyelashes are harm to eyes.

To solve this problem and solve customers'demand,our factory use mink fur as row materials at home.Mink fur is closer to human hair,the texture is soft and the fur is purely natural.So it is more suitable for people to wear.

Mink fur in the current market is nearly all from artificial American minks,and the tail fur of a mink is the best to be made eyelashes.Usually eyelashes made by mink fur are the high-end products in eyelash insdustry.

So to sum up,mink eyelashes are better,this is the biggest difference.

11,Start your own eyelash brand need the better for mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes?

eyelash extension has become a fashion now.So how to choose when we face so many kinds of eyelashes?

Which is better for the mink eyelashes are often praised by lash artist and silk eyelashes? let's know more:

Mink eyelashes are beter? Mink eyelashes are better than those oridinary synthetic eyelashes and animal hair lashes.

12,Start your own eyelash brand need the better for mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes?

mink eyelash is high-end eyelashes in the current market.It is thin and thick.If matched with the most advanced 6D and 9D mink eyelash grafting techniques at present, eyelashes can show a thick and thin situation.Mink eyelash is suitable for beautiful girls with few eyelashes and in pursuit of thick eyelashes.

Silk eyelash is a kind of natural silk extract.Silk eyelashes are shinier and the texture is softer than other ordinary eyelashes.What's more,silk eyelash can inhibit bacteria,prevent the breeding of bacteria and has low sensitivity rate.Silk eyelash is also a high-end eyelashes than oridinary synthetic eyelash and animal hair eyelash.

But there is a risk to graft eyelash.Eyelashes often fall off and eyes allergies occur.So beauties want to graft eyelashes must be serious. 

All right, the above is the introduction of mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes.

13,To start your eyelash business, you need to promote eyelash brands.

First of all, we need to build an eyelash website, and then we can promote it on Google, Facebook, youtube, ins and other Internet platforms. Keep accumulating your eyelash fans, and your eyelash business will get better and better.

Starting your own eyelash brand is not the goal, continuous and stable supply, long-term efficient profit turnover, better service to your customer group.

It's not difficult to start your own eyelash business, and it doesn't need too much cost. We need to be cautious, modest and listen to the recommendations of eyelash manufacturers. Multi comparison, the best choice of what eyelash style, to establish their own sales channel is the most ideal.

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