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How to make your own custom lash box?

Custom eyelash box allows your product to have a prominent distinction between other eyelash brands. When them see your eyelash box, you can feel the quality and price of your eyelash products. It's very important to custom your lash box, so how to customize your eyelash box? Let's talk about it today.

1、 Communicate with eyelash manufacturer how to customize eyelash packaging box

① What kind of eyelash box do you need? Magnet box, simple box, coated eyelash box, drawer eyelash box, what kind of box type? What materials are used? What kind of effect is needed?

② How many eyelash packing boxes are printed? How long is the lead time? What's the price?

③ Information of both sides, communication plan.

④ For the selected eyelash companies that meet the requirements, through the website, telephone, wechat and relevant information to understand the strength of eyelash companies, whether they have the corresponding qualifications and stable production capacity, and finally select the eyelash packaging box manufacturers that meet the requirements.

2、 Contract for custom eyelash box

 Make your own custom lash box need confirm the style, material, size, design and production cycle of eyelash box, and sign cooperation agreement.

① Eyelash box product confirmation

1. Eyelash box material

Commonly used packaging materials are: white cardboard, silver cardboard, gray board, coated paper, corrugated paper, etc.

The packing box printing factory will show you the most complete classification of printing paper

2. Eyelash box types

Positive and negative buckle (same direction buckle), self-locking bottom, bottom sticking side, cover box, special-shaped box, etc.

3. Printing technology

Reverse glazing, bumping, bronzing, silver stamping, laminating and so on, specific process manufacturers can provide advice and guidance!

② Printing, design price, process requirements

According to the material, quantity, printing, design and other requirements, determine the final price.

③ Production cycle

Confirm the design cycle (1-3 days in general) and delivery cycle (7-15 days in general).

④ Design of eyelash packing box

Provide reference sample box, graphic materials, process requirements, etc. to manufacturers, make documents, and communicate with related details.

⑤ Eyelash packing box proofing

After the sample is made, the manufacturer shall confirm that the sample meets its own requirements. If not, the manufacturer shall put forward corresponding modification opinions and determine the final scheme.

3、 Confirm eyelash box order.

After confirming the sample of eyelash packing box is correct, order to start the customized production of packing box.

4、Make your own custom lash box benefit

Customize your eyelash box to help you enhance product value and brand value. When your customers use your eyelash products, eyelash packaging can be used as your publicity materials, inadvertently passing on the influence of your eyelash brand.

Your eyelash manufacturer will help you with your eyelash packaging.

As the eyelash business continues, people will remember your eyelash brand. Personal eyelash packaging plays an important role.

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