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How to care for your eyelash extension? ZX013


How to care for your eyelash extension? ZX013


The eyes are the windows of the soul. 

Long, curly eyelashes will make your eyes more piercing and energetic, and the whole person will look more radiant. 

Plant eyelash extension is a good choice. 

But how to take care of eyelash extension is also a very important topic, now let us discuss it together!


Tips1: The notes after eyelash extension

○Avoid hot, humid environments such as washing, bathing, sauna, hot yoga, swimming after 6-hour eyelash extension.

○After grafting, although the glue looks dry, it is not completely solidified. 

This time touching water will make eyelashes easy to fall off, may also make glue easy to whiten. So please keep your eyelashes dry for 6 hours.

○Please use specific lash care fluid after 24-hour eyelash extension, use one time in the morning and night in 7 days and use one time in 1-3 days after one week. 


Tips2: The notes when washing face

○Try to use non-oil cleanser. 

Oily ingredients are easy to penetrate into the adhesive site, each use of oily cleanser may cause false eyelashes to fall off prematurely.

○Do not rub to eyelashes, should be from the upper and lower eyelids horizontal finger cleaning when you wash your face. 

○Do not shower directly into your eyes. 

Strong water pressure will lead to eyelash deformation, early fall off. 

Rinse gently with the palm of the hand or on the washbasin.

○Push from eyelids and clean water after washing face. 

Pay attention not to let the fiber of towel touch eyelashes. 

You can use hair dryer dry the remaining water, or absorb more water with napkin.


Tips3: The notes when caring your skin

Pay attention to apply makup liquid with cotton pad and clap around eyelashes, because the fiber of cotton pad may touch eyelashes. 

You can use finger to apply makup liquid around eyes. 

If oily emulsion or cream is attached to the eyelashes, wipe the oil slick on the eyelids with wet cotton pieces and cotton sticks.


Tips4: The notes when you make up

○The eyelash extensions are easy to fall off if you use hard eyeliner pen or mascara. 

You can leave a little distance from the root of your eyelashes or use a softer eyeliner or eyeliner liquid. 

○You should wipe eyeshadow and powder on eyelashes. 

When the makeup and powder are obvious, you should wipe eyelash care liquid brush head or clean water. 

○It is better not to use mascara. Because removing mascara will create a big burden for eyelash extensions. 

○It is better not to use eyelash curler, which will let eyelash extensions and true eyelashes be easy to fall off. 


Tips5:The notes when you sleep

Please do not lie down and the quilt presses your eyelashes! 

Because lying on your stomach or eyelashes against the quilt, long-term compression will deform the eyelashes. 

May also break or fall off, it is recommended to lie on your back as far as possible to fall asleep.


Tips6: The notes when your eyelashes fall off

Eyelash extensions fall half off, the remaining eyelashes looks not nice, do not remove by yourself at this time.

Forcing to removing eyelashes will hurt original eyelashes, so you have to let professional technician of eyelash remove eyelashes for you.

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