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How To Start An Eyelash Extension Business ZX029

Are you thinking about Starting up an eyelash extension business? Not only are eyelash extensions all the rage these days but this business also has a relatively low upfront cost. Of course, despite this, we still understand that going into an eyelash extension business can be overwhelming. And you want it to be successful. That is why this news will cover 10 tips to help you set up your eyelash extension business in the right way from the beginning.

 How To Start An Eyelash Extension Business? 


Are you thinking about starting up an eyelash extension business? 

Not only are eyelash extensions all the rage these days but this business also has a relatively low upfront cost. 

Of course, despite this, we still understand that going into an eyelash extension business can be overwhelming. 

And you want it to be successful. 

That is why this news will cover 10 tips to help you set up your eyelash extension business in the right way from the beginning.


Tip 1. Consider Renting a Chair in an Existing Eyelash Extension Bar to Start An Eyelash Extension Business

One of the first decisions you will make when setting up the eyelash extension business is deciding where you will run your eyelash extension business.

The great thing about the beauty industry, and especially the eyelash extension business, is that you can run your eyelash extension business at home. Naturally, this is a much more cost-effective option for someone without existing clients.

However, if you already have an existing clients base but do not yet want to make the plunge into leasing your own space, another option is to rent a chair in an existing eyelash extension bar.


Tip 2. High Quality Eyelash Extension and Eyelash Extension Glue help your eyelash extension business

While you might be tempted to cut costs as much as possible as you build your eyelash extension business, it is very important to invest in quality eyelash extension and eyelash extension glue. 

Not only will this affect the quality of your work and the final look but you will set yourself up for a potential lawsuit if a client has a bad reaction along the way.

The bottom line here is to do your research.

It is a better idea to start small with a quality eyelash extension samples from good eyelash supplier than to offer a lot of different options that are lower in quality.

Choosing a good eyelash glue is also very helpful to Start your eyelash extension business

If you choose poor eyelash expansion, it will bring a bad experience to your limited customers, which will lose your customers and the customers behind them. This is undoubtedly the disaster of your just started eyelash expansion business.

Therefore, be sure to choose high-quality eyelash expansion and glue.


Tip 3. Create a professional salon to make eyelash business expansion more inclusive (Even at Home)

If you have decided to deliver your services at home, it is still important to put some thought into creating a professional space. Just because you are operating out of your guest bedroom doesn not mean that it needs to look like one!

This does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. Second-hand shops, thrift shops and so on are  great places to get furniture that will make your bedroom look more like an actual eyelash extension salon.

Keep in mind that this should hold true for your living room as well, which many at-home eyelash extension technicians use as their waiting room.


Little touches like paintings and flowers can really complete the look here. 

Consider offering complimentary tea/cookies to your clients as they wait as well.

Above all, one of the most important considerations is comfort.

Remember: your clients want a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

After all, they will be with you for at least an hour and usually much more than this.

Although your customers are aiming at your eyelash expansion technology, they may have needs for eyelashes, nail beauty and so on. You can rent a bed for other Eyelash Extension grafters. You can sell your brand eyelash Extension to them.

You can get more economic benefits.


Not only should comfort be reflected in the space itself but also consider the lash bed that your clients will be laying on. 

This is one piece of furniture that you should invest in.


Tip 4. Practice your eyelash extension business On Friends/Family & NETWORK

At beginning, your clients will be your friends and family. 

Do not rule them out. 

This is a great way to gain experience and perfect your skill while also building up your confidence.


In the same way, it is the importance of making an effort to expand your own social network. 

Relationships are fundamental to business success. 

After all, people are much more likely to support the eyelash extension businesses of people they know (these people will then go on to refer your eyelash extension business to others as well).

Of course, this applies to any other business.

There are a lot of apps out there today where you can attend group meetups for whatever happens to interest you. 

A great option here would be to consider joining a group for solo business owners.


Tip 5. Effective social media marketing is the key to improving the influence of your eyelash extensions business

Mostly everyone is familiar with social media marketing, but it is important to know how to use these platforms effectively.

Eyelash extension technicians have the most success with Instagram (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and  Pinterest are also good options).

However, the key to success is to leverage the power of social proof: post pictures of your eyelash extension work. 

Before and after photos can be particularly compelling.

Consider also offering free services to people you may know in real life who like to post on social media (and have somewhat of a following) in exchange for posting about their experience.

When it comes to making the most out of Instagram, you also can also put up Instagram ads for cost-effective rates as well.

When it comes to Facebook, a powerful option is to post in local groups, that is Facebook groups designed for people in your particular city.


Tip 6. Eyelash Extension reviews are critical to your business.

While most people are familiar with social media marketing, not as many people know about local search. 

In a nutshell, the idea here is that when people search eyelash extension salon near me into their search engine, you want your eyelash extension business to come up at the top of the search results.

In order to do this, you need a Google My Business listing (you will also want to read our checklist for optimizing your listing).

However, one of the most important things you can do is get online reviews. 

Research has found that online reviews can increase sales by as much as 270%.

Whenever your customer tells you how much they love their lashes, ask him or her to write a review!


Tip 7. Consider a marketing scheduler to help you with your eyelash extensions business

When you think scheduling software, you likely think of software that will schedule appointments for you - an online eyelash extension appointment book (this is correct, scheduling software will become increasingly important as you build your eyelash extension clients base).

However, we would also like to point out that scheduling software can also be a great tool for getting more clients as you build your eyelash extension business. 

For example, many scheduling software options will connect you with their own marketplace, which is a base of consumers who are specifically searching for services like yours.

Some scheduling software, offer Reserve with Google. 

This is the equivalent of putting your eyelash extension  business on the front page of Google.

When people enter eyelash extension near me, your eyelash extension business shows up at the top of the page along with the ability for clients to book your services online right then and there. 

The ease of being able to make an appointment right then and there gives your eyelash extension business a competitive edge.


Tip 8. Visit your Eyelash Extension users regularly

When it comes to stat an eyelash extension business, getting clients to visit is only step one.  

You also want these customers to return again. 

The problem is that you cam not just expect the customers to do so on their own. 

In other words, you have to be proactive.

At the end of each eyelash extension appointment, it is a good idea to get into the habit of asking clients if they would like to schedule their next eyelash extension appointment with you right then and there (whether a refill eyelash extension appointment or not).

It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it is imperative for the success of your future eyelash extension business.

An alternative to this is to follow-up with your clients after their eyelash extension appointment to see how their eyelash extension are doing. 

This not only shows you care but is also a great eyelash extension opportunity to ask if they would like to schedule a eyelash extension refill.


Tip 9. Recommendation marketing is the key to eyelash extension business development

A powerful method for building your eyelash extension clients in a short period of time is to invest in referral marketing (i.e. word-of-mouth marketing).

In the words, referral marketing is all about incentivizing your current eyelash extension customers to recommend you to their friends and family.

As we have said lots of times on the blog before, referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred customers. They are also 18% less likely to churn (i.e. leave your business). 

This comes straight from the Wharton School of Business.

The reason why referral marketing is so effective is because people trust their friends and family. 

It is also very targeted. 

The referred customers are likely to be very interested in your services because they were personally recommended.


Tip 10. Get Your Eyelash Extension Business Cards Made

Business cards are standard in the marketing world, but they are not always necessary. 

However, when it comes to setting up your eyelash extension business, they are a smart investment and they are not even that expensive).

A great way to utilize your eyelash extension business cards is to give them to your current eyelash extension clients. 

If someone asks that person where she/he got their eyelash extension done, the clients can simply pull out your eyelash extension business card! 

Again, this taps into the power of referral marketing.

Tip 11. Ensure the latest grafting technology and eyelash extensions products

Although starting an eyelash extensions business is not very complicated, there will be some competition. If you don't always keep your first eyelash extensions business and keep an advantage, it will also make your business difficult.

Join some industry technology exchange groups, constantly exchange and learn the latest eyelash grafting technology. Although the latest technology may not meet the needs of most of your customers, it can help you promote your business.

Keep up to date with your eyelash supplier. Once there are the latest products, it is recommended to buy some to come back for research. New products will bring new demand and profit for eyelashes. For example, the pre made fans Eyelash Extensions series can help you improve the grafting speed. Of course, the latest products don't have to be like this, but you have to understand them.

Going into business – and especially the eyelash extension business – is an exciting time. 

However, it is important not to forget that building up your clients will take time and effort. 

Do not get discouraged along the way. 

Continue to work at it and you will see returns from your efforts.

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