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Gradient packaging white eyelash glue

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It adopts the most popular gradient color packaging tube. Eyelash glue uses eyelash glue imported from Korea. When the eyelash glue dries, it will become transparent, making the false eyelashes look more natural.

  Gradient packaging white eyelash glue


We are a professional manufacturer in the field of eyelashes. Our products include false eyelashes, easy fans, eyelash extension, colored eyelashes and  peripheral products for eyelashes extensions, including eyelash glue tweezers and other tools.


Eyelash glue  is very gentle

Using eyelash glue imported from Korea, the quality is higher. Eyelash glue is very gentle and will not harm the human body. It does not contain formaldehyde and latex, the material is very safe and will not cause any harm to human skin. Eyelash glue also does not have any irritating odor and will not make your eyes shed tears.


Strip lash glue uses a unique brush head

The brush head of the eyelash glue is very small, and the amount of glue that can be taken out each time is just enough to touch one false eyelash. It will not cause the eyelash glue to get too much. The capacity of 3.5ml can be used for a long time. This will also allow the eyelash glue to dry faster and shorten the waiting time.


Eyelash glue is easy to use 

The use of eyelash glue is very easy. After unscrewing the bottle cap, brush the brush head of the eyelash glue on the false eyelashes, you can easily paste the false eyelashes. No other additional operations are required. It saves time when gluing the eyelashes, you can go out after the eyelashes are glued, and it does not take as long as the eyelash grafting.


Eyelash glue very easy remove 

Although it sticks false eyelashes very firmly and even waterproof. Whether you wash your face with water or cry, the false eyelashes will not fall off. But the firm, strong adhesion does not affect it and it is very easy to remove. When removing false eyelashes, it will not pull your eye skin.


Advantages of our eyelash glue 

We are a professional manufacturer and distributor in the field of false eyelashes. We have our own factory, so we can guarantee that our price is the best and the quality is excellent. We have a large amount of inventory to meet your needs and can ship as quickly as possible. We have an excellent team, if you have a problem when buying a product, we can help you solve it.


About eyelash glue other question

If you want to know more about this product, or are interested in other products of our company, please contact me.Contact me by Email: lashextension@emedaeyelash.com

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Name: Nicole         time:2022-02-18 08:50:13
The best eyelash glue I own! The quality is amazing and packed perfectly. I will be switching out all of my eyelash glue to these!

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