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We are an eyelash vendors china,private label lashes and wholesale 25mm mink lashes for USA,UK.Emeda lashes is a professional lash manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelash, eyelash extensions and 3D lashes in China since 2002.

Create my own eyelash brand UK


Before starting to create an eyelash brand, we should first ask ourselves these questions. 

  1. Which customers do I serve?

  2. To what extent can I be satisfied with my service?

  3.  What am I good at in eyelash service?

  4.  What benefits can I get?

  5.  What do I need to pay?

  6.  Whether I can afford the price.

These simple basic questions should first sort out the idea of establishing your own eyelash brand. This can quickly enter the state, reduce unnecessary trial and error costs, and make your eyelash brand go smoother and farther.

To create your own eyelash brand in UK, you need to understand the eyelash market of UK. Or you are in UK. You have your own eyelash sales channel to understand the price and audience of eyelashes. You know what kind of false eyelash audience you are familiar with. They really care about the benefits of wearing eyelashes or grafted eyelashes. Because of this, we can formulate a detailed plan to establish our own eyelash brand.

The first step is to understand the eyelashes category 

Eyelashes are divided into categories, mainly strip eyelashes and eyelash expansion. From the classification of eyelash materials, there are many, such as mink eyelashes, horse eyelashes, paper eyelashes, feather eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, chemical eyelashes, silk eyelashes , Magnetic eyelashes, quantum eyelashesand so on.

From the degree of concentration, it can be divided into 2D / 3D / 4D / 5D / 6D / 8D / 9D / 10D / 20D eyelashes, etc. According to everyone's preferences, different levels of eyelashes can be customized to meet their beauty needs.

Having understood these, we can determine which field of eyelash business we can focus on according to our actual situation when positioning the eyelash market.

Create your own strip eyelash brand UK

Maybe you are a beauty blogger. You share your beauty skills on your blog every day and teach your fans how to choose strip eyelashes, wear eyelashes, remove eyelashes, etc. Your fans are the best audience for your strip eyelashes. You need to create your own eyelash brand.

You are a beauty company. You have your own fixed sales channels, such as chain supermarkets, large supermarkets, beauty salons, etc. Creating your own eyelash brand can help your customers gain brand recognition and loyalty.

Create your own Eyelash Extension brand UK

This has a certain threshold. You'd better be an eyelash grafter and eyelash beautician. You have good technology and reputation and maintain good communication with your customers. They recognize the eyelash extension brand you recommend to them. You can rent a store or a bed in a beauty salon and use your eyelash grafting technology to help you sell your eyelashes.

Create your own eyelash brand to help you get better benefits and reputation.

Creating your own eyelash brand need an eyelash logo

Eyelash logos are usually accompanied by brand names.A good logo makes it easy for your customers to remember your brand. The eyelash logo conveys a good wish. This can be felt. If you can design your own eyelash logo, please do it now. If you can't do it, you can find professional logo designers through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other websites, and you can do it at a little cost.

Create your own eyelash packaging box

With your own eyelash logo, it is very important to customize your eyelash brand packaging box. Customers' first impression of your eyelash brand is your eyelash packaging box. To a large extent, the value of eyelash packaging box determines the retail price of eyelashes.

The material of eyelash packing box needs attention.

The outer packaging material is generally cardboard or corrugated paper. Cardboard is divided into film coated and non film coated. Printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping and so on. Different materials and different printing processes determine different costs and prices.

There are other transparent plastic boxes, magnet boxes and various general eyelash packaging boxes.

This needs to choose the appropriate eyelash brand from your eyelash packaging box sample as the final decision.

Creating an eyelash brand need eyelash manufacturers

Why eyelash manufacturers? False eyelashes are a low value-added product. In developed countries such as UK, the high labor cost is a big problem. In addition, it is difficult to find workers who can patiently do repetitive work.

70% of the world's eyelash manufacturers are in China. Choosing a powerful eyelash manufacturer from China is a good choice.

To create their own eyelash brand, eyelash manufacturers with professional strength need to solve the problems of product processing, eyelash brand packaging, eyelash quality control and so on. It is a wise choice to make a professional transfer of the risk of production and processing.

A good eyelash manufacturer can help you solve most product problems. The eyelash market is becoming more and more competitive. Many new eyelash brands only know to find the cheapest eyelashes as their eyelash brand products.

Your customers are definitely not fools. They can tell what good eyelashes are. As a result, low-quality eyelashes are unsalable and will certainly cause harm to your brand.

Choose the appropriate eyelash manufacturer, be sure to choose the supplier with stable eyelash quality. Their price is not necessarily the cheapest, but the quality of eyelashes can stand the test.

Create an eyelash brand need sample

Reputable eyelash suppliers will provide eyelash samples. At the same time, eyelash samples and bulk eyelash samples are of the same quality. No matter how many batches of eyelashes, the quality will be the same. Eyelash samples from different eyelash manufacturers are different, so you can compare different quality eyelashes at different prices.

If the eyelash sample passes the test, you can make a small batch order and then do the test. In this way, there can be a greater guarantee. Better, the eyelash manufacturer you choose is a professional one.

Create my own eyelash brand UK need eyelash tools

Eyelash tools can also be a complex category. If it is not sold as the main product, it can be used as an accessory product of this eyelash product. Enrich your product line.At the same time, you can add logo and other brand information on the outer packaging and appearance layer of eyelash tools.

Create my own eyelash brand UK need eyelash glue

Eyelash glue wholesale woldwide. we are eyelash glue manufacturer and vendors from china.All kinds of lash glue with environmental protection materials,No harm to human body. Bonding effect eyelash glue viscosity is moderate, can not stick eyelashes, easy to remove eyelashes. 

Rich eyelash product lines can maximize your profits. Show your strength and professionalism at the same time.

Creating your own eyelash brand is the beginning of your eyelash business. You should open up the market through high-quality eyelash products. Promote and sell your eyelash brand products through the Internet and physical stores. To lay your own market space.

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