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We are professional eyelash vendors and manufacturer. Emeda lashes supply OEM and private label lashes: mink lashes, eyelash extensions, 25mm lashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelash Tools since 2002

Bbest eyelash extension glue YY

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thanks to the new advanced formula this eyelash extension glue has an incredible retention power, with eyelash extensions lasting up to 7 weeks. Strongest bonding and longest retention period on the market. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists.

 best eyelash extension glue


1. Drying time: 1-2 sec

2. Lasting time: 7 weeks

3. Service: private label and customized package

4. High humidity: RH 50-70%

Production description


This eyelash adhesive has been designed for highly skilled lash artists, with fast dry time adding to speed of eyelash extension procedures.

we take care of our clients, having packed the Obeya Lash Extra Strong eyelash extension glue in a special sealed package with silica gel and red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened and significantly extend the life of adhesive after bottle opening (up to two months)


Private label and package for glues


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  3. Choose the glue bag



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