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3D Clover Lashes 100% Cruelty Free Natural Automatic Flowering Fast Grafting Wholesale

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3DV clover lash extension is made of premium raw material, 100% cruelty free.W shaped lashes in the middle, it's automatic flowering, no need to make fans by yourself.Grafting three artificial lashes onto one natural lash, creating a three-leaf clover effect.The grafting speed is increased more than 50% comparing to individual lashes.


3D Clover Lashes 100% Cruelty Free Natural Automatic Flowering


3D clover lashes is developed based on the foundation of eyelash grafting technique and is a new trend. It can increase density and length of the eyes.This technique can make the eyelashes appear thicker and more curled, giving a natural and unique beauty. 

Below is the introduction of 3D clover lashes:

Product: 3DV clover lashes (two-ply in the middle)

Material: Premium Korean pbt fiber

Feature: two-ply in the middle, handwoven W shaped mesh, natural fluffy look

Advantage: automatic flowering, easy to use

Thickness: 0.07mm 

Curl: C & D

Length: Single or mix (8-15mm available)

Private Label: Supported

Custom Packaging: Supported

Price: 3.00 USD

MOQ: 50 trays

Sample: free sample

100% Cruelty free: We can guarantee that our products are 100% cruelty-free. We don't test on animals or use animal-sourced hair. These lashes are made from premium synthetic fibers to ensure that they meet the standards of being cruelty-free.

Ensuring that our products are 100% cruelty-free is of utmost importance, which means you can confidently use these eyelash extensions without causing harm to animals. Opting for lashes made from synthetic or artificial fibers is a sustainable and cruelty-free choice as they do not rely on materials sourced from animals. They not only give you beautiful lashes but also provide satisfaction in knowing that you've made an ethical choice.

Natural Looking: The 3D clover lashes are considered more natural for the following reasons:

  1. Even distribution: The clover-shaped lash clusters are installed at different positions along the natural lashes, creating a more uniform density and length that resembles natural growth.

  2. Natural layering: The installation technique of clover-shaped lashes creates a sense of layering, making the lashes appear more three-dimensional and natural. This layering mimics the way natural lashes grow, resulting in a more realistic overall effect.

  3. Softness and curvature: Clover-shaped lashes are typically made from softer synthetic fibers, providing comfort and a texture similar to natural lashes. Additionally, they are appropriately curved to match the natural curvature of lashes.

In summary, the design and installation technique of clover-shaped lashes aim to mimic the appearance and texture of natural lashes, resulting in a more natural effect. However, it's important to note that everyone's lash characteristics and preferences may vary. It's recommended to consult with a professional beautician or lash technician before selecting and installing lashes to ensure you achieve the most suitable natural effect.

Automatic Flowering: The reason why the eyelash grafting technique for 3d clover lashes does not require the grafting technician to manually bloom them is because the 3d clover lashes bundles are pre-made. The technician only needs to glue them onto the natural lashes. These lash bundles are typically specially designed and processed to achieve the clover shape. Therefore, the technician does not need to manually adjust or bloom these lash bundles.

The technician use professional adhesive to attach the lash bundles onto the natural lashes, creating the effect of clover-shaped eyelashes. It's easy to use and fast application.

3D Clover Lashes Handwoven W Shaped Mesh Lashes Fast Grafting


The following are the advantages of Emeda 3D clover lashes:

  • Handwoven W shaped mesh lashes

  • No need to bloom manually, suitable for lash beginner

  • Bloom in one second, simple to pick up

  • Long stem, not easy to loose roots

  • Stable curl for more than 2 years

  • Natural looking, more graceful and fluffy

  • Time saving, grafting speed improved more than 50% comparing to individual lashes

  • Foil strip, pasted repeartedly, no residue

Handwoven W Shaped Mesh Lashes: Handwoven W-shaped mesh lashes are a unique type of eyelash extension that features a mesh-like pattern in a W shape. These lashes are meticulously handcrafted by skilled technicians using fine synthetic fibers. The W-shaped mesh design adds volume and dimension to the lashes, creating a dramatic and eye-catching look.

The handwoven technique involves carefully weaving the synthetic fibers into the mesh pattern, creating a lightweight and comfortable lash strip. The W shape helps to distribute the lashes evenly along the lash line, providing a fuller and more fluttery appearance.

These lashes are typically applied by professional lash technicians using adhesive to secure them onto the natural lashes. The handwoven W-shaped mesh lashes offer a bold and glamorous look, perfect for special occasions or daily makeup.

3D Clover Lashes Automatic Flowering Fast Grafting Wholesale


As a novice lash technician, they're not professional in manually blooming lashes. And they prefer starting with easy fan lashes, premade fans lashes, yy lashes that offer automatic blooming fans. The new technique of 3D clover lashes is an upgrade from YY lashes and have developed various styles that are perfect for beginner lash technicians.

They are hot selling, more and more popular currently. 3D 3DV 4D 4DW 5D 5DV 5DW 6D 7D clover lashes all are available. Our factory has the ability of developing new products and own large warehouse to stock the lashes.We can not only provide good quality eyelashes, but also ensure fast and stable delivery. The larger the order quantity,the more discount for you!

When doing business with us, you can rest assured on the following key points, we can guarantee that they will be fulfilled.

1.Product quality: We ensure to provide you with good quality. So we can supply with free sample to test and evaluate the quality. We hope to establish a good long term relationship with you.

2. Pricing and profit margin: We can offer you factory price. You can get reasonable and competitive price. It will ensure your profit margin and help your sustainable profitability in your wholesale business.

3. Minimum order quantity and supply capacity: As a professional lash manufacturer, we can ensure you low minimum order quantity. We own large warehouse and keep stock for the lashes. It's no problem to guarantee the delivery and stable supply.

4. Delivery time and shipping methods: FEDEX, DHL is fast and safe. Normally it takes about 3-6 days for the delivery time. Other cheaper shipping methods are available, too. So we can meet your different request.

5. Customer support and after-sales service: We are always online to ensure that our customers receive a response immediately. There is an independent Quality Inspection Department that inspects each batch of goods before shipment to ensure no quality problems. Patiently help our customers with after-sales service.

3D Clover Lashes Private Label Custom Packaging


It's good to do private label for these 3D clover lashes to do your own brand. You can do according to below steps:

1. Choose the box firstly, classic plastic box, or XL tray, or magnetic box or custom box

2. Decide the shape and size of bottom card

3. Choose the material of the bottom cards, paper card (cheap), foil strip (pasted repeatly)

4. Provide free design according to your request

Then you can have your own brand of bottom cards. Certainly if you want your eyelashes to be more luxurious and unique, we can also provide customized packaging. You can choose our regular box and print your logo on the box. Or do custom packaging directly. Welcome to contact us to discuss the details!

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