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2021 latest magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

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Our professional eyelash research team will launch the latest magnetic eyelashes in 2021, which will be the most popular in 2022. Magnetic eyelashes do not use eyelash glue, which is his biggest feature and advantage.

2021 latest magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner


Magnetic eyelashes are newly developed products. Magnetic eyelashes do not use glue to fix the eyelashes, but instead use magnetic attraction to fix the eyelashes. Since magnetic eyelashes do not use glue, they can be used more frequently than other eyelashes.


Magnetic eyelash material

The material used for magnetic eyelashes is artificial mink hair. This material will make the eyelashes more naturally fit human eyelashes. No chemicals are used in the production of eyelashes. The animal hair is not used, so it does not harm animals, and it is completely acceptable for people who love animals and vegetarians.


Advantages of magnetic eyelashes 

Magnetic eyelashes are different from other false eyelashes in that they do not use glue. Even if the glue used is gentle, it will damage the eyelashes and may cause the original eyelashes to fall off. Magnetic eyelashes do not use glue, which will not burden your eyelashes.


Apply magnetic lashes 

Grab magnetic eyelash towards middle of band.

Hold a mirror at chin level and look down as you slowly make contact between eyeliner and magnetic strip, making sure to align the middle of the band with the middle of your eye. Make contact with the outer corner first, then gently press the lash onto the inner corner. Get the band as close to your natural lashes as possible. You can pinch the natural and fake lashes together to ensure this happens. If you have long lashes, make sure to get behind your natural lashes so they don’t interfere with the eyeliner to magnet contact. Once lashes make contact with liner, grab lashes near the root and press into place to make sure it “sets”.


How to use magnetic eyelash eyeliner

Carefully apply eyeliner as close to the roots of your lashes as possible. Make a line as thick as the size of the magnets on the lashes and make sure that there is enough liner on the brush when applying. Make sure to line from your inner to outer corner so that the magnets at the ends of the lash band can hold on properly, starting at where your natural lashes start to where they end. A wing is optional. Wait 20-60 seconds depending on how much liner you applied. The liner should be about 80% dry before magnetizing lashes.


About magnetic eyelash specifications and prices

There are different specifications for magnetic eyelashes. There are two types of magnets, one is 5 pieces epoxy magnets, and the other is 10 pieces epoxy magnets. The price of the two is different, and the effect is different. A box of magnetic eyelashes can be mixed and matched with eyelashes of different styles, lengths and curvatures. The price of a box of eyelashes varies by the style and quantity of eyelashes selected, and the specifications of the magnetic mascara.


About Magnetic Eyelash Service

We have strict quality control for each procedure, from raw material to final product. So we will ensure that the goods are all premium. If you are still not satisfied with our goods, we can support replacement, return or refund.

If you are worried about the quality because its our first trasaction, I can send you samples for confirmation befor mass prodcution and we will ensure that the bulk is totally same as the sample. Before shipping, I will also confirm with you through photos or videos.

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Name: Matilda        time:2022-02-17 15:46:23
One of the best magnetic eyelashes I have ever had. VOILA! MAGNIFIQUE!!

Name: Ashley        time:2022-01-27 13:08:32
Great quality!!! Totally recommend!!!

Name: Miyuki         time:2022-01-11 10:42:06
Super pretty Pretty eyelashes Pretty packing

Name: Amanda        time:2021-12-29 15:21:05
Great magnetic eyelashes!

Name: Erica        time:2021-12-23 15:53:39
The lashes can easily apply &remove. Not heavy ay all. A good choice for me. Very good. I like it.

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2021 latest magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner
2021 latest magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

Our professional eyelash research team will launch the latest magnetic eyelashes...

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