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Most girls are wrong about those things about false eyelashes.


Today, I will come to see you all about fake eyelashes~

False eyelash material

1, false eyelashes

The hair of the false eyelashes is knotted on a stem of the root. The stem is generally divided into three materials: a transparent stem, a cotton stem, and a plastic stem.

2, transparent stem

The transparent stem is more like the material of the fish line, the invisibility is better, and the support strength is also good. This kind of material stem is preferred when painting light makeup and fake color, which is suitable for most people.

3, cotton stem

The cotton stalk is the softest and most comfortable of the three materials, and the wearing feel is also the lowest. But when wearing this kind of false eyelashes, you must draw a black eyeliner, otherwise it will look unnatural~

4, plastic stem

The plastic stem is the blackest and hardest of the three materials, and the comfort is the lowest. However, this material is most suitable for girls with more eyelid fat and needs to rely on false eyelashes to support the double eyelids.

False eyelashes

The hair of false eyelashes can be roughly divided into two types, one is natural hair and man-made fiber. Usually, the most common one is artificial fiber, which is more cost-effective.

1, natural hair

The false eyelashes of natural hair are only plastic stems. The advantage is that the hair is realistic and soft. The shortcomings are that the hair is easily destroyed by the glue and the makeup remover, which is basically not reusable.

2, man-made fiber

This material is our most common false eyelashes. The benefits are obvious. It is not afraid of repeated makeup removal and can be reused. The disadvantage is that some of the materials are not easy to reflect light, it is particularly fake.

False eyelash classification

1. Natural money

This kind of natural style is the most common and practical, and the length and curvature are very similar to true eyelashes. You can choose the whole sticker, or you can cut the segment to paste it, which is used to enhance the local effect.

2, long and thick

At that time, it was quite boring to have a light makeup every day. It is also necessary to have a different feeling. If you like the big eyes of Japanese makeup, you should choose this long and thick eyelashes. Can help us enlarge the eyes, round and very cute.

This mascara is really good, relatively long and natural, and it didn't disappoint me. Brushing the eyelashes is particularly curling, it will not agglomerate, the roots are clear, there is a direct growth effect, the eyes are also getting bigger, hahaha, waterproof is also very good.

3, the end of the eye and long paragraph

If you are not taking the cute route, you want to go to the sister wind, and because the eyes are short, always let others think that you are a child. No problem, long eyelashes at the end of the eye can help you solve this problem, and stretch your eye shape in a minute.

This mascara, the brush head is slightly warped, has a curvature, the upper and lower eyelashes are quite easy to use, and it is not made into a fly leg. It is natural after the application, the eyelashes really have a long-lasting effect, and are not blooming. It’s too surprising.

Fake false eyelash tool

1, false eyelash glue

Here I suggest that you should not buy glue at all, and do not use the glue that comes with the fake eyelashes. After all, it is something that directly contacts the eyes. The ingredients must be safe. What's more, if the effect is not good, it is possible to open the glue at any time. At that time, half of the false eyelashes will fly to the sky. The scene is not something you can hold.

Here I recommend a mascara glue for everyone's reference, this mascara is DUP glue. I have been using fake eyelash glue for so many years, and I have used a lot of money before and after. Only this one is the deepest in my heart. Although the price is not particularly cheap, it is easy to use. Stickiness, safety and durability are the best. It has always been the first cosme glue!

2, scorpion

Most of the time I started using false eyelashes. I always used my hands, but our fingers are too thick and it is difficult to grasp the angle. I used the flat scorpion, but the opening was too narrow, and I always mastered the strength and angle. Later, I discovered that there are actually false eyelashes and special eyelash curlers. The tweezers are completely fit to the false eyelashes, so they are very labor-saving.

Fake false eyelash steps

1, trim length

This step must be trimmed. Don't be naive to think that the fake eyelashes you bought are as long as your eyes. Don't have the big eyes like ice and ice or pruning it~ just need to draw your own eyes and then subtract the excess length. , remember to cut the symmetry left and right!

2, glued water

This step of applying glue seems to be simple, but it has to be divided into two steps: 1. Both hands pinch the ends of the false eyelashes and gently rub the curvature of the eye to better fit the curvature of the eyes. 2. Apply the glue evenly and evenly to the root of the false eyelashes. Be careful not to apply it on the top. The eyelashes that are attached are not natural enough.

3, the upper eye

This is the most critical, and everyone will be clear when they match the picture.

1. Use a pair of tweezers to hold the false eyelashes (recommended middle section) and gently place them on the root of the real eyelashes.

2. Use a pair of tweezers to gently press the false eyelashes and fix the middle section first.

3. After the middle section is OK, the eye and the end of the eye are also lightly pressed to the service post. Note that there is no gap between the true and false eyelashes.

The above is the pure new hand false eyelash knowledge & skills

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