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Best magnetic lashes

If you are an eyelash distributor, you are looking for the best manufacturer of magnetic lashes. So first you need to know what the best magnetic eyelashes are. What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these best magnetic eyelashes. When you know the best eyelash manufacturers, you can basically find the best magnetic lashes with stable long-term quality.

Magnetic lashes is based on the principle that magnets attract each other. Magnets are set at the root of the false eyelashes. Magnetic lashes can be used to fix the false eyelashes without using any glue

Magnetic lashes uses the principle of opposite sex attraction. As long as two pieces of false eyelashes are clamped between the real eyelashes in the way of "sandwich", it can complete the action of thick and long eyelashes in a few seconds, which is absolutely simple and easy to operate. Some suits are also equipped with eyelashes of different lengths and radians, which can be selected according to the shape of the eyes, focusing on strengthening the effect from the middle of the eyes to the tail.

The best magnetic lashes are the black technology in the beauty eyelashes

Thick and slim intuitive effect, no need to apply mascara, no need to remove make-up, and even sports sweating, hot spring in the winter will not fall off the hidden benefits, simply better than other ways of eyelash beauty.

The upper eyelash stem and the lower eyelash stem are arranged. In the process of wearing, the upper eyelash stem and the lower eyelash stem are spliced together to make the eyelashes thicker. The first eyelash and the second eyelash are arranged on the upper eyelash stem and the lower eyelash stem, and the eyelashes with different lengths make the eyelashes more realistic.

The best magnetic eyelash material is super light

Maybe it's not the same as the effect of eyelashes falling with heavy magnet in imagination, because it's very light and ultra-fine magnet, so it won't feel strange. Compared with the eyelashes falling off and dazzling, the skin feeling is quite comfortable. For the real hand handicapped party, small false eyelashes may not be easy to control, intimate beauty brands have long thought of this for you. If properly preserved, each piece can be reused about 30 times

The best magnetic eyelashes are easy to wear

How to stick magnet eyelash tips? During the wearing process, the first magnet in the upper eyelash stalk is contacted with the second magnet in the lower eyelash stalk to complete the wearing of the false eyelashes, the lower eyelash stalk is placed below the real eyelashes, and the upper eyelash stalk is placed above the real eyelashes.

At the same time, the surface of the upper eyelash stem and the lower eyelash stem is a fiber layer, so that the side contacting the skin in the wearing process is softer, and the user's comfort is improved;

The first magnet and the second magnet are attracted to make the false eyelashes fixed on the real eyelashes. At the same time, the lower end face of the upper eyelash stem and the upper end face of the lower eyelash stem are set in a zigzag shape, which increases the friction between the upper eyelash stem and the lower eyelash stem, so that the false eyelashes can be worn on the real eyelashes more stably.

The difference between the best magnet lashes and the traditional glue grafted false eyelashes

There are thousands of types of false eyelashes, so why can magnet false eyelashes stand out as a black horse?

1, no grafting, no glue, just a clip, which is its most prominent feature. As we all know, the traditional false eyelashes need glue, but the glue contains formaldehyde, which is also the biggest hidden danger to the eyes. Long term use may lead to eye diseases.

2. The cost of grafted eyelashes is high, and it takes a long time to make them. It usually takes half a day to make them. The maintenance time will be extended with the increase of the cost. Once they start to fall off, they will be very ugly. Quantum magnetic false eyelashes cost only one time. They can be reused and clipped immediately. They are easy to use and save time. They can be beautiful from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

3. Quantum magnetic false eyelashes are better to absorb with the skin, closer to the eyelash color, no sense of weight-bearing, no stimulation to the skin, and easier to remove makeup.

The best magnet eyelashes have their own advantages and disadvantages

The precautions of magnetic eyelashes are as follows:

1. It's better to choose a big brand of magnetic eyelashes. The quality is more guaranteed and the eye effect is better.

2. In general, magnetic eyelashes will give you 4 eyelashes, a magnetic "eyelash clip", and the box will also be marked with "top right, bottom right, top left, bottom left". For the first time, you must read the manual and pay attention to the direction of eyelashes. If the direction is reversed, the upper and lower eyelashes won't hold.

Advantages of magnet eyelashes:

1. Don't hurt eyelashes the biggest disadvantage of eyelashes is the biggest advantage of magnetic suction false eyelashes, because it doesn't even have glue, so it won't hurt our own eyelashes at all, just pull it gently when removing makeup.

2. It's warped and varied, because it has two eyelashes, so it's powerful enough to support the eyelashes to become very warped, the kind that pokes the eyelids! There are various styles of magnetic suction false eyelashes, thick ones and natural ones. You can change the style at any time according to your needs, which is very good.

3. It's cost-effective. You can use it many times once you buy it. After each use, you can use it repeatedly as long as you clean it, at least for more than half a year.

Disadvantages of magnet eyelashes:

1. I need to practice several times before I can find the perfect position. I can't grasp the front and back when I first bring it. Sometimes it's too forward and I will poke my eyes; The Empress Dowager is not convinced. So you need to practice a few times at the beginning to find the right position for yourself. But its operation is very simple, as long as you can clip eyelashes, you will wear this magnetic eyelash, put this eyelash on the matching eyelash clip, and then clip it at the root of eyelashes.

2. Under special circumstances, you can't fake a plain face. For example, if you want to go to a water park or travel with friends, you can't wear it on your eyelashes all the time

To sum up: I don't think it's necessary to distinguish between eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes. I think they are complementary and suitable for different scenes. It's enough to use magnetic eyelashes in daily life. If you haven't tried magnetic eyelashes, I'll give you a strong Amway.

As an eyelash manufacturer, let me say, first of all, it will be suitable for some girls. The magnetic Eyeliner should be equipped with magnets, so most people do not have to apply glue. Then the world's goods, eyelashes of different sizes, length, stem line. It's hard to satisfy everyone, so I hope that girls who love beauty can buy magnet eyelashes according to the size of their eyes when they buy products

It is recommended to purchase a variety of styles of magnet eyelashes, which can be applied to a variety of occasions, or choose a natural style.

The wearing effect is more natural.

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